RoboMat 2007
Workshop on Robotics and Mathematics
Coimbra, 17-19 September 2007



This workshop will aim at discussing several problems from Robotics from the perspective of the mathematical problems that they raise. It will be a forum where specialists with backgrounds both in Engineering and Mathematics will have an opportunity to discuss relevant research issues not from the point of view of the application but essentially from the point of view of the mathematical models and principles required to solve them.

This workshop will be relevant for:

  • PhD and MSc students working in Robotics
    and in relevant mathematical aspects;

  • Established researchers in Robotics and in Mathematics
    interested in strengthening the domains of their research
    work that are relevant for both Robotics and Mathematics;


The following mathematical disciplines are likely to have strong relevance for robotics:

  • Algebraic and differential topology.
  • Differential geometry
  • Dynamic systems theory.
  • Optimization algorithms.
  • Combinatorics.
  • Differential algebraic inequalities.
  • Statistical learning theory.